Author: EriLaw

The Eritrean Law Society (ELS) is the only professional association of Eritrean lawyers. Due to the extremely repressive political situation in Eritrea, which does not allow the establishment of free and independent professional associations, ELS was established in exile and it operates from exile. ELS strives to become the most representative voice of the Eritrean legal profession. It stands and works for the establishment of an Eritrean politico-legal system anchored on respect for the rule of law in which the legal profession is permitted to play its distinctive role, inter alia, by shaping policy and practice in all areas related to the promulgation and interpretation of the law, as well as adjudication of legal disputes in a free, fair and impartial manner. The Eritrean Law Society is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Virginia and California with the aim of achieving, among others things, the following objectives: Promoting the Eritrean legal system in accordance with the Constitution of Eritrea and its subsidiary laws and regulations. Increasing public understanding of the rule of law and democratic principles. Providing legal services to Eritrean citizens. Investigating, monitoring, recording and publishing violations of human rights against Eritreans by any government, political organization, groups or individuals. Assisting Eritrean victims of human rights violations who are outside of Eritrea and find themselves in difficult situations. Lobbying governments, organizations and individuals to pay attention for gross human right violations against Eritreans. Promoting common understanding, cooperation and support, and information sharing with governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and individuals. Membership to ELS is open to all interested lawyers, professionals and academicians who share and are committed to the objectives of the Eritrean Law Society.