Eritrean Law Society (ELS) News Open Letter in Support of Father Mussie Zerai

Open Letter in Support of Father Mussie Zerai

ELS has joined a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs), which has taken a common stand in the plight of an Eritrean Catholic Priest, Father Mussie Zerai, who is globally recognised for his unreserved dedication to humanitarianism and the support of helpless refugees. Passionately known as “Abba Mussie” by his supporters, Father Zerai is a nominee of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for his dedication to humanitarianism. He is currently under investigation by Italian prosecution authorities, for alleged involvement in the crimes of human smuggling and/or trafficking. In their open letter, the CSOs have demonstrated unflinching support to, and solidarity with, the plight of Father Zerai, by reminding Italian and European law enforcement agencies to invest their time and resources in productive endeavours, including saving the lives of thousands of refugees, who are perishing at the southern maritime borders of Europe. The coalition of COSs also emphasised that the on-going investigation against Father Zerai, a man with an impeccable record on humanitarianism, is an instance of shifting the blame to the wrong people, who are doing their level best to save the lives of refugees. The details of the open letter are available here: